Thursday, September 23, 2010

more strangeness on the police blotter

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Strange indeed! Is there such a thing as a non-theft in police lingo? A non-crime perhaps? Could it be that this reported thing that didn't happen was the result of some neighborhood tippling that got out of hand, so to speak, and was just reported to the station to see what the authorities would put in the blotter? Why do I find this so fascinating? Why do birds fly?
One never knows. Do one?


Those suspicious peanuts. I saw one in my backyard yesterday. It was sneaking around the back fence carrying a sack filled with candleabras and other loot.
I siced my pet python Andrew (3 meters long) on it and then had to make Andrew regurgitate the loot...which wasn't easy or very clean since he had swallowed the neighbor's cousin and his pet yak the day prior to the peanut sighting. It was all duly reported on the blotter of the boys in blue at the station house. Messy.

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