Thursday, December 31, 2009

another brief gallery of laziness

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classifieds: various used items for sale

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

grave humor

Humor and death don't usually go together in our thinking... but here are some actual epitaphs found on gravestones....
In a London, England cemetery:
Ann Mann
Here lies Ann Mann,
Who lived an old maid
But died an old Mann.
Dec. 8, 1767

In a Ribbesford, England, cemetery:
Anna Wallace
The children of Israel wanted bread
And the Lord sent them manna,
Old clerk Wallace wanted a wife,
And the Devil sent him Anna.

Memory of an accident victim in a Uniontown, Pennsylvania cemetery:
Here lies the body
of Jonathan Blake
Stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake.

A lawyer's epitaph in England:
Sir John Strange
Here lies an honest lawyer,
And that is Strange.

On a grave from the 1880's in Nantucket, Massachusetts:
Under the sod and under the trees
Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
He is not here, there's only the pod:
Pease shelled out and went to God.

Lester Moore was a Wells, Fargo Co. station agent for Naco, Arizona in the cowboy days of the 1880's. He's buried in the Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona:
Here lies Lester Moore
Four slugs from a .44
No Les No Moore.

Anna Hopewell's grave in Enosburg Falls, Vermont:
Here lies the body of our Anna
Done to death by a banana
It wasn't the fruit that laid her low
But the skin of the thing that made her go.

Harry Edsel Smith of Albany, New York:
Born 1903--Died 1942
Looked up the elevator shaft to see if
the car was on the way down. It was.

And two that require a little thought to see the humor...

On the grave of Ezekial Aikle in East Dalhousie Cemetery, Nova Scotia:
Here lies
Ezekial Aikle
Age 102
The Good
Die Young.

For a Scot:
Here lies my wife.
Tears cannot bring
her back.
Therefore I cry!


confusion on the lunch menu

I thought it was included....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'd like a cup of coffee, please... and could I have a spoon to go with this knife in my chest?

This week, a 52-year-old man walked into Brayz's Hamburgers in Hazel Park, Michigan and calmly ordered a cup of coffee. The man said that he had called 911 and was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Good thing-- because the man had a 5 inch knife sticking out of the left side of his chest. The entire blade of the knife was buried in him. Only the handle was protruding.

He explained that a tall man with a goatee had approached him and demanded money. When he refused, the attacker stuck a knife in him. The man went to an apartment complex but could find no help. So, he called 911 at a pay phone and then walked a mile to the restaurant.

The 911 call is on record. The operator heard him say, “Yes ma’am, could uh … is it possible to send an ambulance here? There’s a knife stuck in my chest.”

The manager said that people in the restaurant were "kind of freaked out" but the man never complained of pain and struck up a conversation with another customer.

The manager said, “To come in with something stuck in your chest and order a cup of coffee, and sit down … he was mingling with the guy next to him,”

The man was taken to the hospital and treated. Police are looking for the attacker. [www_msnbc_msn_com]

even more unfortunate name combinations

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Monday, December 28, 2009

bathroom confusion

free willy... and the rest of them, while you are at it.

all ended well with each of them... :)

many via

Thursday, December 24, 2009

more unusual Christmas traditions: food

Two years ago, my pointless posted a short list of unusual Christmas traditions. Building on that post, I offer these unusual Christmas food traditions:

In southern Africa, some people eat the plump fuzzy caterpillars of the emperor moth fried in oil as a special Christmas treat. (see right)

In Japan, the oft-preferred Christmas menu is pizza from Domino's. (Domino's reports that its busiest day of the year in Japan is Christmas Eve day).

In Austria, children leave beer for Santa. British children might leave a snifter of brandy for Father Christmas. In Tyrol, they leave a glass of Schnapps. (Here in the US, it is just milk and cookies...)

In Italy, eel and squid is a popular meal on Christmas Eve.

In Belgium, cougnou is eaten for breakfast on Christmas morning. Cougnou is bread that is in the shape of baby Jesus.

In Mexico, on the afternoon of January 6 (Epiphany) families share a loaf of traditional bread... which contains a doll of the baby Jesus.

Some Norwegians eat the traditional lutefisk (pictured above) for Christmas. For the uninitiated-- lutefisk is cod (or ling) fish that has been soaked in lye (a corrosive that is used in strong soaps and Drano), giving it the consistency of gelatin and the flavor of fishy lye. More Norwegians opt for traditional ribbe (pork ribs) or pinnekj√łtt (dried ribs of mutton).

According to Weird Christmas, "During the Prussian siege of France in 1870, Voisin's, an upscale restaurant in Paris, prepared a Christmas dinner using animals from the zoo and elsewhere. The menu included consomme of elephant, braised kangaroo, antelope pate, cat and rat."

previous post-- mypointless: strange Christmas traditions

information in this post was drawn primarily from Weird Christmas by Joey Green. Here is the link to get it at Amazon.

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not quite understanding the whole Christmas concept

Christmas bloopers

this video is a bit long, but still fun (especially the end ones...)... and please forgive the pop-up ads at the beginning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

beyond the backyard snowman: a brief gallery of cool snow sculptures

if anyone can point me to the original site for these, please do, I would like to credit the originators

more real estate steals

on a scale of 1 to 10...

a nice quiet place.... next to a casino?

a gated community... but not a fenced one.

forget smoking. just live here.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

man takes his anime girlfriend to be his wife.

The girl in this picture is adorable, isn't she? Her name is Nene Anegasaki. She an Anime character who is part of an online dating simulation game called "Love Plus."

Earlier this year, a real Japanese man known only as SAL9000 took Nene (on his Nintendo DS) to the island of Guam. There, he visited a church with Nene and officially married her in the presence of a priest.

Love Plus is a game that simulates "real" relationships. Players can date, play games, buy virtual flowers and take moonlight walks with a virtual girlfriend. SAL just took his "relationship" to the next step.
Said SAL, "If more people were to find ways of expressing themselves like this, I think it would make society a bit more interesting."

The loving couple honeymooned on Guam. They had a ceremony and reception that was broadcast over the Internet. These days, they date around Tokyo (he carries his Nintendo DS with him). Says SAL, "I think I'll probably continue playing Love Plus. I won't cheat."

I envision lawyers getting involved in this -- taking steps to protect the rights of this poor Anime character who is now married to a very odd man. [Reuters News
] [Guam newsfactor] [gizmodo_com] [kotaku_com]

how can you tell he is lip-syncing?

even the best have made that mistake...
of course, this one wasn't lip-syncing and had a good reason...

Monday, December 21, 2009

dogs in trouble

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more stupid on the police blotter

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