Friday, January 29, 2010

missing a leg or an ear? call Alton Towers amusement park

It is easy to understand how some things get lost at an amusement park, especially around the roller coaster.

Keys drop out of pockets. Cell phones get dropped. A wallet gets left at the gate. It is unfortunate when these things get lost but understandable.

But there are other things that are difficult to imagine how they were left behind.

This week, Ananova reported that a prosthetic leg and a prosthetic ear were found under the Corkscrew roller-coaster at Alton Towers park (UK). These were not toys or part of a costume. Someone (or someones) lost them and left the park without them.

"Hey Bob, um, your ear hole doesn't have an ear on it anymore."

"humph. One of my sneakers is missing. Oh geezzzz look at that! My whole leg is gone."

You'd just think that someone would have noticed and said something.

Ananova story
link to Alton Towers (no story, just their site)

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play all 18 holes

Speaking of oblivious.... this true exchange was reported by a miniature golf course employee:

"(I am serving a father and son.)

Me: “Alright, here’s your club and your golf balls. Just follow the purple path throughout the course.”

(Five minutes later, they come back to the register.)

Me: “You’re already done?”

Customer: “Yeah, I did hole number 5 and my son did hole number 16!”

Me: “You know you can do all 18 holes, right?”

Customer: *very serious* “You’re kidding.""

via the Not Always Right blog

talent revisited

I don't normally re-post videos, but this one is worthy. I stumbled upon this one again... two years after posting it the first time, it still makes me smile and wonder.... :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

more Photoshop slight-of-hand

At first look, you might not notice... but sometimes print images have been horribly edited. In particular, hands create problems for some "photoshoppers." For example:

the mystical extra hand...

the woman with a right hand on her left arm...

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signables of the confusion for spectacles in the engrish

what the heck is a wooden lish???? any guesses what they had in mind?

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oops. sorry you’re not dead.

Last week, beekeeper Jozef Guzy, 76, of Katowice, Poland was stung by a bee and apparently suffered an immediate heart attack. Doctors examined him and pronounced Jozef dead. They put a white sheet over his body and waited for it to be removed.

Three hours later, the undertaker came and placed Jozef's body in a coffin. They closed the lid and drove it to a storeroom where it would await burial.

His wife Ludmila was devastated. She just could not believe that her husband had died so quickly.

Later in the day, undertaker Darius Charon heard some shouting that was "loud enough to wake the dead" coming from the storeroom. It didn't take long for him to figure out which coffin was screaming. Jozef was alive and not-very-dead at all.

Mr. Guzy was taken to the hospital and was released a few days later.

The doctor who pronounced him dead has apologized for the error. (!!)

(What is not clear is, did the doctor apologize for making the error or was he sorry that he was not correct?) [www_ananova_com]

I can think of a better way to celebrate my birthday

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

things aren't what they appear to be: impressive wall art

giving a new look to buildings... these are some great examples of exterior wall art.

not a picture from the recent earthquake... this is a painting (both stories!)

which windows are real?

via [curiousphotos_blogspot_com]

more stupid on the police blotter

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Monday, January 25, 2010

a very odd and wonderful wedding reception

Quite often, this blog carries stories of people who do some amazingly stupid things. This post, however, is about a couple that has done something that is simply good.

Leah Bogen and Will Nicholson are planning to get married in June. Recently, they were having breakfast together and chatting about their wedding plans. At the time, Leah was reading a newspaper that had stories about the recent tragedy in Haiti.

As she read stories about the suffering and pain of the people in Haiti-- death, grief, sickness, amputations, unsafe and insufficient medicine-- she was struck by the contrast of it all. Here they were, planning a big party while the people of Haiti were experiencing unspeakable trouble.

It was then that Leah came up with an idea: serve PB & J sandwiches at their wedding reception and send the money they would have spent on the reception to the people of Haiti.

Her fiance, Bill immediately loved the idea. "She totally blew me away... How do you say anything but yes to that? It's such a selfless and thoughtful thing. It's hard to get excited about planning a wedding when other people are having such a terrible time... We've got friends and family who are happy and healthy and nearby and well-fed. My family doesn't need another fancy meal," said Bill.

Putting their idea into action, they have already sent a check for $2,500 to Partners in Health for Haitian relief.

A good choice that reflects selfless hearts and good thinking.

local on the 8s - your local forecast

Friday, January 22, 2010

mom arrested for feeding her baby! (okay, that is part of it)

Recently, my pointless carried the story of a woman in Florida who endangered her daughter by allowing her to ride inside a cardboard box that was placed on top of her car.

Yesterday, a reader sent me another story of an Ohio driver that fits into the stupid-parents-behind-the-wheel category:

Genine Compton was arrested by Kettering, Ohio, police for child endangerment. It seems that police spotted Genine driving two of her her children to school. At the time, she was breast feeding her baby (which was sandwiched between her and the steering wheel)... and carrying on a conversation on her cell phone.

Most drivers immediately see the problems:
--impaired attention with 2 kids, 1 sucking baby, one cell phone
--impaired motion from a baby pressed against the steering wheel
-- 1 hand on baby + 1 hand on phone = 0 hands on wheel
--the air bag deploying at 120mph would kill the baby
--no car seat is against the law.

We get it.

Genine? "If my child's hungry, I'm going to feed it." She sees no particular problem with her actions and said she will do it again if she finds it "necessary." At least Genine's baby will be safe for the 180 days she might spend in jail. [www_thedenverchannel_com]
cardboard box story

and speaking of bad drivers....

I have driven on ice, but I have never seen roads that were this slick...

this was originally broadcast by a Seattle station

looking for something to do this weekend? (part 2)

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

troubling sights at Wal-Mart (part 2)

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grab a bargain at the grocery store

look for the specially marked items for great savings, like..
10 for $10... (or buy them individually, 10 for $4.90)

it is the fourth one that is going to cost a fortune...

that is seriously cheaper!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

snakes are your friends! (if you are a little crazy)

...err maybe not...

(I am going to start a new category just for this post... creepy)

more before and after

The idea behind "before and after" pictures is to convince the customer that the product works. For example:

Wearing these glasses will not only help you see better but look younger...

this exercise equipment will not only improve the tone of your body, it will change your race and looks...

these wipes will clear your mirror and help you see the creepy guy in your bathroom...

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