Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Lady of the Haematoma

There has been yet another sighting of Jesus' face. Last June, my pointless carried pictures of Jesus' face that "appeared" on
  • the lid of a Marmite jar
  • a cheese-puff (aka Chesus)
  • a fish-stick
  • a dental x-ray
  • and more...
This week, a Florida woman claims that the face of Jesus has now appeared... in a bruise on her arm.

Mary Massa recently went to her doctor to receive a routine diabetes treatment. At that time, she received two needle punctures which left behind a "black and blue" bruise. Now, Mary believes that the bruise reveals the face of Jesus.

Others are not quite so sure. Some have suggested that it looks like Albert Einstein or Yosser Hughes. Still others feel it looks like, well, a bruise. Mary's family also seems unconvinced. They now refer to her as "Our Lady of the Haematoma."

story: [www_metro_co_uk]
earlier my pointless post:

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