Tuesday, January 5, 2010

McNuggets in the news again

You may recall that last year, a Floria woman dialed 911 three times to report that she didn't get her McNuggets at McDonalds. (link) Apparently, McNuggets have a mystical attraction for some people.

Melodi Dushane, 24, wanted to start the New Year right. So, in the early hours of New Year's Day, she went to the drive-thru at a McDonalds in Toledo, OH and ordered some tasty golden McNuggets. Unfortunately, McDonalds doesn't sell McNuggets during the breakfast hours.

Enraged, Melodi reached through the drive-thru window and punched the McDonald's worker in the face. When the night manager came to the window, Melodi began taking swings at her, too.

The night manager tried to drag Melodi through the window by grabbing her hair but Melodi escaped her grasp... and then punched-thru the drive-thru window.

Police gave Melodi a trip to the hospital for her injuries and then to the Lucas County Jail. She will face charges later this month. In the meantime, she has been instructed to stay away from that McDonalds, which will completely ruin her new year.

http://snipr.com/tyw75 [www_toledoonthemove_com]

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