Friday, January 22, 2010

mom arrested for feeding her baby! (okay, that is part of it)

Recently, my pointless carried the story of a woman in Florida who endangered her daughter by allowing her to ride inside a cardboard box that was placed on top of her car.

Yesterday, a reader sent me another story of an Ohio driver that fits into the stupid-parents-behind-the-wheel category:

Genine Compton was arrested by Kettering, Ohio, police for child endangerment. It seems that police spotted Genine driving two of her her children to school. At the time, she was breast feeding her baby (which was sandwiched between her and the steering wheel)... and carrying on a conversation on her cell phone.

Most drivers immediately see the problems:
--impaired attention with 2 kids, 1 sucking baby, one cell phone
--impaired motion from a baby pressed against the steering wheel
-- 1 hand on baby + 1 hand on phone = 0 hands on wheel
--the air bag deploying at 120mph would kill the baby
--no car seat is against the law.

We get it.

Genine? "If my child's hungry, I'm going to feed it." She sees no particular problem with her actions and said she will do it again if she finds it "necessary." At least Genine's baby will be safe for the 180 days she might spend in jail. [www_thedenverchannel_com]
cardboard box story

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