Friday, January 29, 2010

missing a leg or an ear? call Alton Towers amusement park

It is easy to understand how some things get lost at an amusement park, especially around the roller coaster.

Keys drop out of pockets. Cell phones get dropped. A wallet gets left at the gate. It is unfortunate when these things get lost but understandable.

But there are other things that are difficult to imagine how they were left behind.

This week, Ananova reported that a prosthetic leg and a prosthetic ear were found under the Corkscrew roller-coaster at Alton Towers park (UK). These were not toys or part of a costume. Someone (or someones) lost them and left the park without them.

"Hey Bob, um, your ear hole doesn't have an ear on it anymore."

"humph. One of my sneakers is missing. Oh geezzzz look at that! My whole leg is gone."

You'd just think that someone would have noticed and said something.

Ananova story
link to Alton Towers (no story, just their site)

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