Friday, April 30, 2010

more products that you need to have.


need to reach those high places?

slow it down, Emily.

now you can turn an unpleasant job into a task that is unpleasant and complicated.
(and dogs love it)

"back to school solutions"

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everyone wins the lotto today

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the perfect diet: man claims he has not eaten for 70 years.

Scientists in India are studying an 82-year-old man who claims that he has not had anything to eat or drink for 70 years.

70 years. In other words, this man says he has not had any food or fluids of any sort (including water) since the days of World War 2.

Prahlad Jani is thought by some to be a "breatharian" who is able to survive on a "spiritual life-force." He being closely watched in isolation in an Indian hospital. After the first 6 days, he apparently is showing no signs of hunger or dehydration. (He also shows no signs of needing to visit the outhouse.)

If his claims are verified, it will be a breakthrough in medical science," said Dr G Ilavazhagan, a prominent doctor involved in the study.

"So far, Mr Prahlad appears to be standing up to scrutiny. He has not eaten or drunk any fluids in six days, and similarly has not passed urine or a stool in that time. He remains fit and healthy and shows no sign of lethargy. Doctors will continue observing him for 15 days in which time they would expect to see some muscle wastage, serious dehydration, weight loss,and fatigue followed by organ failure."

How does he do it? Prahlad believes that a goddess pours a special elixir down his throat every day. Others believe that he is, well, a common fraud. Some scientists, while not completely believing his claims, speculate that Mr. Jani has some special physical characteristics that enable him to go for long periods of time with no nourishment. For example, his urine is not discharged but is reabsorbed into his body.

The next 15 days will tell us something. My pointless will try to keep track of the story. [www_telegraph_co_uk]

Find out what he had for supper 70 years ago, and you'll make millions in the diet food industry.

---->> mypointless UPDATE post available at link

mystery guitar man: looping again

this guy is pretty talented. This video was taken with no hidden cuts. (That is, it was filmed as a continuous take.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

signs that make you wonder....

just stuff him in the slot

(thanks! now, will you help me get on the Internet so that I can get help to get on the Internet?)

and we're oh-so-glad to be closed.

very popular among politicians

and the side door can be found in the front of the back

it never pays to order a classified ad over the phone...

I'd like to place an ad for a Random House unabridged dictionary...

We are having a used book sale on Sept 9 and 10...

we'd like to place an ad to sell our fresh produce and our nasty panhandlers...

We'd like to sell our GE Monogram dishwasher that also works as a...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a brief gallery of clever foot tattoos

some via oddee,
last item has appeared here before

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headlines with an interesting twist

Monday, April 26, 2010

celebrities after and before

it is amazing what a little(?) make-up and a good photographer can do.... (and no wonder the average woman feels like she doesn't measure up...)

Avril Lavigne


Keira Knightley

Pamela Anderson

Penelope Cruz

via [www_smashinglists_com]

raptor mascot fail

thinking that it might be time....

After 1547 posts (on blogger, at least) and 3 years of daily posts, I am wondering if it is time to finish my pointless.

I am thinking that very soon, I will either shut down or curtail the number of posts.

I would keep the site up and the domain name active, but only add to it from time to time. (Unless I get a buyer for the domain.)

I still have not decided, but thought I would let my regular visitors know that may be happening. If you would like be sure to see future posts, get the RSS feed or email delivery of posts.

--Steve (friendinme)

Friday, April 23, 2010

photoshop mutants

It is common practice in advertising to use Photoshop to doctor photos. Sometimes, however, the Photoshopper doesn't understand basic human anatomy. For example...

..the hand that protrudes from the abdomen... (won't try to figure out the legs...)

the women got their feet cut off with their hair...

the forearm elbow

Gumby arms 1.

Gumby arms 2

the contortionist who can make his feet detach and go a different way...

via photoshop disasters

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more items from the grocery store

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

birthday gift idea: pay an evil clown to stalk your child

Here's a wonderful idea for your child's next birthday present: you can pay to have an evil looking clown stalk your child. It is a service that is now available in Lucerne, Switzerland.

That's right. For a reasonable fee, the evil clown will:
--send your child disturbing text messages
--make prank phone calls
--set traps in your mailbox
--follow her around like a mad stalker
--give your child a growing feeling that he/she is being watched and threatened.
--scare the heck out of the kid
...for seven days.

Then (and here is where the idea gets really good) after seven days of being stalked and scared, when the child least expects it, the clown will unexpectedly hit them in the face with their birthday cake.

Wow. What fun!

Once the festivities start, if the child becomes too scared or slips into a catatonic state, the parent can stop the "fun" with a simple phone call.

I am just guessing that Dominic Deville, the founder of the Evil Clown service, has never actually been a parent. Either that, or he is a professional counselor who specializes in treating coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and wants to create future clients.

(yes, that is him pictured above) [www_metro_co_uk]

For the great Wal-Mart birthday clown ad- link

incredible Price is Right win

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more obvious in the news

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fascinating: octopus changes shape and color

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

how much information can your brain store?

Paul Reber, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, was asked the question, "How much information can the human brain store?" His response appeared in the Scientific American:

"The human brain consists of about one billion neurons. Each neuron forms about 1,000 connections to other neurons, amounting to more than a trillion connections. If each neuron could only help store a single memory, running out of space would be a problem. You might have only a few gigabytes of storage space, similar to the space in an iPod or a USB flash drive. Yet neurons combine so that each one helps with many memories at a time, exponentially increasing the brain’s memory storage capacity to something closer to around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). For comparison, if your brain worked like a digital video recorder in a television, 2.5 petabytes would be enough to hold three million hours of TV shows. You would have to leave the TV running continuously for more than 300 years to use up all that storage." [www_scientificamerican_com]

maybe we aren't as smart as we think....

Today's other post says that humans have powerful brains. On the other hand, here is an assortment of evidence that would suggest otherwise...

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