Thursday, April 22, 2010

birthday gift idea: pay an evil clown to stalk your child

Here's a wonderful idea for your child's next birthday present: you can pay to have an evil looking clown stalk your child. It is a service that is now available in Lucerne, Switzerland.

That's right. For a reasonable fee, the evil clown will:
--send your child disturbing text messages
--make prank phone calls
--set traps in your mailbox
--follow her around like a mad stalker
--give your child a growing feeling that he/she is being watched and threatened.
--scare the heck out of the kid
...for seven days.

Then (and here is where the idea gets really good) after seven days of being stalked and scared, when the child least expects it, the clown will unexpectedly hit them in the face with their birthday cake.

Wow. What fun!

Once the festivities start, if the child becomes too scared or slips into a catatonic state, the parent can stop the "fun" with a simple phone call.

I am just guessing that Dominic Deville, the founder of the Evil Clown service, has never actually been a parent. Either that, or he is a professional counselor who specializes in treating coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and wants to create future clients.

(yes, that is him pictured above) [www_metro_co_uk]

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