Wednesday, April 7, 2010

91-year-old man refused airplane passage because he was too quiet

Last Saturday (April 3), a 91-year-old man was refused passage on a plane at John Lennon airport in Liverpool.

The man arrived in a taxi and was on time for his flight. He was wearing sunglasses and was pushed in a wheelchair by two women, ages 41 and 66. The man sat quietly and did not say a word. He did not bother anyone.

The airline check-in staff became suspicious about the man because he was a bit too quiet... and was sitting very very still. He was, in fact, quite dead.

The two women were attempting to smuggle him on the plane for passage to Germany. They loaded his lifeless body into the taxi and traveled 35 miles to the airport with him.

Upon their arrival, they loaded him into a wheelchair and did their best to make him appear alive. The police were called and arrested the two women for "suspicion of failing to give notification of death. (suspicion??) [www_msnbc_msn_com]

for a similar story about two men who tried to cash a dead man's check (pushing the body in an office chair)... link to article

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