Friday, November 28, 2008

for black friday: toy warning labels

on a scooter: this product moves when used
(where can I find one that doesn't move??)

on a package of marbles-- toy contains small balls

copyright by Jim Simandl ("sea turtle" on Flickr) see his Flickr page: link

on a toy fire-extinguisher-- this is a toy. do not use to extinguish fire.

inscrutable signs

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the turkey blues


You will like this video (okay, I hope you will like this video)… but unfortunately, it can’t be embedded. So, if you click on the picture or this link, a You-Tube window will open. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Turkey Blues

spectacular holiday coupon

all you need to do is supply the address, phone number, and size of the discount. hey, that is a unique idea!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wal-Mart thief stops himself

He was hurt and beat-up but no one even touched him.

Last month, Jose M. Diaz Jr of Lorain Michigan went into his local Wal-mart with a friend. Store security noticed that Jose and friend were "acting suspiciously."

Sure enough, as secuity watched, Jose picked up a digital camera and hid it on his person. Immediately, Jose and his friend parted company. The friend exited the store in one direction; Jose went the other way.

As he approached the exit, security guards approached Jose. That is when he sprang into action.

Knowing that he was about to be apprehended, Jose ran to the exit... and promptly ran into a sliding glass door. The impact with the door knocked Jose to the ground and gave him a sizable cut on his head.

Jose then got up from the ground, kicked the security guard and again took flight... and promptly ran into a cement post in front of the store.

It was then that a very-hurting Jose gave up and surrendered the camera. He was treated and released from the hospital and has been arrested for robbery and theft charges.

animals found.

via bits n pieces. Loved his title: Why city people shouldn't move to the country."


Monday, November 24, 2008

the two month lay-over… and counting

260xStory Most travelers don't like extended layovers at an airport. A few hours sitting in a terminal is something we try to avoid.

That is, most travelers.

Hiroshi Nohara is currently on a layover at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City. He has been there since arriving from Japan on September 2 and he has no plans to leave.

He arrived in Mexico with a valid visa and a return-ticket. He has opted not to leave the airport. Instead, he sits, eats fast food, sits, eats fast food and sits and eats fast food. In short, he does nothing of value.

However, Hiroshi is getting to be famous in Mexico, where he has become a celebrity of sorts. He is on the television news nearly every night. People go to the airport to get a picture and an autograph from him. News sources from around the world are beginning to take notice of his non-story.

Hiroshi survives on free food that is given by fast-food restaurants and other airport travelers. 260xStory2

As you might expect, since he has been at the airport for a couple months without doing laundry or having a shower, Hiroshi stinks. Really bad. His hair is greasy and covered with dust and dandruff. His clothes are, well, quite in need of Febreeze.

Because Hiroshi is not breaking a law, there is nothing anyone can do to remove him until his visa expires in March. One airport janitor said, "He's a calm person, a nice man... He just sits here and eats all day."

Hiroshi said in one television report, "I don't understand why I'm here, I don't have a reason."

names in the news

"Come here, C'mere. Don't go over there, C'mere."

Glad he is changing it. It will be so much easier to say.

Hey Chief, wana dubie?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Russian thieves take church

_45204772_church_bbc2262We've heard about people stealing from a church. But this month, some thieves in Russia stole a church.

The whole thing.

The Church of Christ's Resurrection was located in Komarovo, Russia, about 180 miles north-east of Moscow. The large, two story structure was built back in 1809.

A few months ago, a survey of the property was done and the building was found to be structurally sound. Although it had not been used lately, the Russian Orthodox Church was considering opening it again.

The church building is now missing. Thieves took it away brick-by-brick so the only thing which remains is the foundation and a few sections of wall.

But there is good news. The entire church churchBESTwithweddingsm_000 can be replaced by a rented inflatable church building! The makers of this wonder of architecture say this on their web site:

The attention to detail is heavenly complete with plastic "stained glass" windows and airbrush artwork which replicates the traditional church. Inside it has an inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and a gold cross. Even the doors are flanked by air-filled angels. The church can be built in 2 hours and dis-assembled in less than one.

(Sending this suggestion to the Ivanovo-Voznesenskaya and Kineshemskaya diocese.)

toddler Phillies fan

A mother and her son found themselves in the middle of the Phillies' World Series celebration parade. This is what happened. Pretty cool.

(thanks, Josh)

in the news: Florida's shoplifters

Thursday, November 20, 2008

'scuse me, sir, but your pants are chirping

toothpaste translation

I'm guessing that this isn't a British or American product...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pay up, you deadbeat.

Eileen Wilbur of Attleboro, Massachusetts received a letter from the City Collector that a lien would be placed on her home if she failed to pay an outstanding water bill.

The letter also threatened that an additional $48 fine would be added to her bill if it was not paid by December 11.

The 74-year-old Ms. Wilbur is blind and has lived in the same house for nearly 50 years. Unfortunately, she underpaid her water bill for the fiscal year ending in May 2008.

The amount of the bill due? $.01.

That's right. One cent. Un centavo. A penny. 1/42 the cost of the stamp to mail-in the payment.

When asked about the situation, City Collector Marcoccio said that the bill had been sent out automatically, but obtusely added, "My question is, how come it wasn't paid when the (original) bills went out?"

Now that her daughter has read the bill, Eileen plans to pay.

from the classifieds: looking for a pet? try this

Is the wheelchair included?

weird Japanese marshmallow eating game show

You might not want to watch the whole thing (it is 6 mins long), but second-to-the-last guy is probably the best.

Monday, November 17, 2008

prisoner ships himself to freedom

It isn't very often that FedEx loses the contents of a box. Then again, it isn't very often that the contents of the box picks the lock of the truck and runs off.

Hans Lang, 42, was an inmate at a prison near Dusseldorf, Germany. He was serving time for selling drugs. Last week, Lang hid himself in the laundry room of the prison and then, packed himself in a FedEx box full of dirty sheets.

The FedEx truck came as instructed, picked up the box and drove out of the prison.

When the driver made his next stop, Hans climbed out of the box, picked the lock of the truck from the inside and ran into the woods.

No one knew anything had happened until the driver saw the sheets and realized that the lock had been picked from the inside.

At this writing, Hans is still at large. Said one police officer, "It's the kind of thing people think only happens in films - but in this case it is very real."

okay, does the prison have to pay the shipping charge?

great moments in planning

Friday, November 14, 2008

for supper again tonight: tic-tacs

38322_0_lSeventeen-year-old Natalie Cooper of Shepway, Maidstone in England has an unusual illness that has forced her to have a very unusual diet.

Natalie loves food. Unfortunately, food doesn't love her. It seems that whatever she eats comes right back up. Her stomach simply will not hold it.

Well, almost everything. There is one food that Natalie can keep down: mint Tic-Tacs.

You know Tic-Tacs: those tiny white breath mints that come in a clear plastic container… those little mints that make a big racket when you shake them.

Doctors can't explain why her stomach can only tolerate Tic-Tacs, but that is all she can eat for nourishment. That means that Natalie has to get her nutrition... and most of her calories... from a special formula that she is fed daily through a tube.

_tictac Through experimentation, Natalie found that she could almost tolerate mint candies. So, she kept reducing the size of the mints until she found one that would stay down. "I went from Trebor Extra Strong Mints to Polos and ended up with tic tacs. They give me a bit of energy but I eat them mostly to get rid of hunger; it’s a psychological effect," said Natalie.

For similar stories, including the girl who is allergic to water, choose the unusual people label below or on the side bar.

bungee wedding

unfortunate police sketch

probably should have chosen the other anchor to do this story...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

armless thief takes TV

Some security guards in Munich need to be fired. Immediately.

Ananova news reports that a store in Munich, Germany had a 24-inch TV stolen in broad daylight-- by a man with no arms.

The store staff didn't realize that they had been robbed until they noticed that a TV was missing from its stand. They checked the closed circuit TV cameras and were amazed at what they saw:

An armless man with two accomplices entered the store. The accomplices attached the TV to the armless man's body using clamps. Then, they walked out of the store.

One police officer stated the obvious: "It's hard to believe that the sight of an armless man walking along with a giant TV clamped to his body did not get anyone's attention."

No surprise. After all, he could not be caught red-handed.

amazing: armless guitar

I did not intend to be thematic today... but when I was looking for a graphic to use with today's story of the armless thief, I came across this video. This guy is incredible and worthy of a listen.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

taking the boredom out of a board game: Extreme Scrabble

We have seen extreme skiing, we've watched motor sports... now, there is a new extreme sport on the block. In honor of Scrabble's 60th anniversary, some people are playing "Extreme Scrabble." Really.

(...requires glue)

and trendhunter