Monday, November 17, 2008

prisoner ships himself to freedom

It isn't very often that FedEx loses the contents of a box. Then again, it isn't very often that the contents of the box picks the lock of the truck and runs off.

Hans Lang, 42, was an inmate at a prison near Dusseldorf, Germany. He was serving time for selling drugs. Last week, Lang hid himself in the laundry room of the prison and then, packed himself in a FedEx box full of dirty sheets.

The FedEx truck came as instructed, picked up the box and drove out of the prison.

When the driver made his next stop, Hans climbed out of the box, picked the lock of the truck from the inside and ran into the woods.

No one knew anything had happened until the driver saw the sheets and realized that the lock had been picked from the inside.

At this writing, Hans is still at large. Said one police officer, "It's the kind of thing people think only happens in films - but in this case it is very real."

okay, does the prison have to pay the shipping charge?

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