Friday, November 28, 2008

for black friday: toy warning labels

on a scooter: this product moves when used
(where can I find one that doesn't move??)

on a package of marbles-- toy contains small balls

copyright by Jim Simandl ("sea turtle" on Flickr) see his Flickr page: link

on a toy fire-extinguisher-- this is a toy. do not use to extinguish fire.


sea turtle said...

You've posted my photo here without crediting me as the photographer. My original photo is here:

Under the Creative Commons license, you are free to use the photo, but you must credit me or provide a link to its original page. Not a big deal, and I understand that you may have found it on some other site that didn't credit me, but I need to protect my work.

Jim Simandl("sea turtle" on Flickr)

FriendinME said...

Jim, Thank you for your note. I have put a link under the picture and acknowledged that it came from you. If this is not satisfactory, please let me know.

Thank you for understanding. I don't recall now where I got the picture, but I can assure you that theft wasn't intentional.

I do try to be careful to give credit for the work of others.

sea turtle said...

Thanks friendinME! Glad you like the photo!