Thursday, November 6, 2008

two sports accomplishments. two weird endings.

golfThis week, 74-year-old Clive Seymour stood at the tee of the 10th hole at the Hele Park Golf Club in England and gave it his best shot.

The ball sailed toward the green and plopped into the hole. It was Clive's first-ever hole-in-one. It was a moment he will always remember.

Unfortunately, Clive's ball had sailed so far off course that it made a hole-in-one on the fourth hole. Nevertheless, Clive said, "It's a great feeling, even if it was in the wrong hole."


Mccurdy Bowling CentreAlso this week, Don Doane of Michigan bowled his first perfect game. After bowling for the same team for 45 years, he finally did it! 300 points in one game.

Don's bowling buddies congratulated him for his accomplishment. Everyone cheered.

Then, Don immediately dropped dead. A medical examiner said that a heart-attack had taken the 62-year-old bowler.


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