Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wal-Mart thief stops himself

He was hurt and beat-up but no one even touched him.

Last month, Jose M. Diaz Jr of Lorain Michigan went into his local Wal-mart with a friend. Store security noticed that Jose and friend were "acting suspiciously."

Sure enough, as secuity watched, Jose picked up a digital camera and hid it on his person. Immediately, Jose and his friend parted company. The friend exited the store in one direction; Jose went the other way.

As he approached the exit, security guards approached Jose. That is when he sprang into action.

Knowing that he was about to be apprehended, Jose ran to the exit... and promptly ran into a sliding glass door. The impact with the door knocked Jose to the ground and gave him a sizable cut on his head.

Jose then got up from the ground, kicked the security guard and again took flight... and promptly ran into a cement post in front of the store.

It was then that a very-hurting Jose gave up and surrendered the camera. He was treated and released from the hospital and has been arrested for robbery and theft charges.


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