Monday, November 24, 2008

the two month lay-over… and counting

260xStory Most travelers don't like extended layovers at an airport. A few hours sitting in a terminal is something we try to avoid.

That is, most travelers.

Hiroshi Nohara is currently on a layover at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City. He has been there since arriving from Japan on September 2 and he has no plans to leave.

He arrived in Mexico with a valid visa and a return-ticket. He has opted not to leave the airport. Instead, he sits, eats fast food, sits, eats fast food and sits and eats fast food. In short, he does nothing of value.

However, Hiroshi is getting to be famous in Mexico, where he has become a celebrity of sorts. He is on the television news nearly every night. People go to the airport to get a picture and an autograph from him. News sources from around the world are beginning to take notice of his non-story.

Hiroshi survives on free food that is given by fast-food restaurants and other airport travelers. 260xStory2

As you might expect, since he has been at the airport for a couple months without doing laundry or having a shower, Hiroshi stinks. Really bad. His hair is greasy and covered with dust and dandruff. His clothes are, well, quite in need of Febreeze.

Because Hiroshi is not breaking a law, there is nothing anyone can do to remove him until his visa expires in March. One airport janitor said, "He's a calm person, a nice man... He just sits here and eats all day."

Hiroshi said in one television report, "I don't understand why I'm here, I don't have a reason."

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