Friday, October 31, 2008

new logo a real bargain at £35,000

The Norfolk Constabulary (police) in England decided that they needed a fresh look and an updated image. Their logo looked stale and out-of-step with the times. So, they decided to give it a face lift.

The cost of creating the new design was £3,000 ($6,000). The cost of placing the new logo on signs and police cars will be an additional £32,000, making the grand total for the change £35,000 (or $70,000).

That money might have been used to pay for two additional officers. It could have been used to upgrade the deficient 999 (911) emergency call system. But those things are comparatively trivial. The taxpayers will be getting their money's worth with the new logo.

Here they are... the old logo is on the left; the new $70,000 logo is on the right.

You think they look alike? You aren't looking closely enough. The new one has a colored crown and stars in the middle of the crest. Money well spent.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

looking for the car I stole? here it is.

This week, a hairdresser charged with car theft appeared in a San Francisco court. Rather than walking to his court appointment, he chose to drive a new Lexus SUV that he had stolen.

Okay, it is plenty stupid to drive a stolen car to your court appointment. What could be stupider?

Well apparently, the 37-year-old thief didn't want to leave his dogs at home, so he left them locked inside the SUV during his appointment. As you might expect, a new Lexus with several dogs barking inside with the windows rolled-up drew some attention from bystanders and the police. He may as well have posted a sign on the car.

The police checked and found that the SUV was stolen. When he exited court, Genius was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, cruelty to animals... and as a bonus, he was also found to have stolen an additional $150,000 Porsche Carrera.


weird on so many levels

bring weapons... paid upon return. Let me guess: we going back to rob someone?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the caddy should have stood in front of him

This week, the Supreme Court in South Korea ruled on an odd case that happened two years ago.

Two years ago, a golfer in South Korea was out on the links playing a game when he took a shot that landed his caddy in the hospital.

On the third hole, the man (identified only as Jung) started his swing. Unfortunately, as his swing was in process, his left foot slipped at the last moment.

The foot-slip caused him to lose control and caused his shot to go seriously off course. 180 degrees off course, to be exact.

The shot hit Jung's caddy directly in the stomach (not a ricochet). The caddy was standing about 8 meters behind him. The caddy was immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for seven weeks.

The caddy sued Jung and was awarded 2 million won ($1400).

I am trying to imagine the physics of a "slip" that could turn a person around and leave him standing and oriented so he could launch a power shot into someone's belly.

questions about strawberry donuts

he must have been calling from the donut shop??

Monday, October 27, 2008

picturesque potties

some of the world's best loo views...


clever: claymation chess

just a fun watch...

Friday, October 24, 2008

the plant that blogs

Midori-san has one of the world's most interesting and unusual blogs. The information is unique and the content is scintillating. For example, her latest entry said, "It was cloudy today. It was a cold day."

Doesn't sound like much? Well, consider that Midori-san is a plant that resides in a cafe near Tokyo. Did you get that? A plant. A sweetheart plant, to be specific.

Midori-san measures 16 inches tall and makes her home in a pot. According to researcher Satoshi Kuribayashi, plants have thoughts and feelings that they can communicate. So, he has hooked up electrodes that gets data from her and then a computer translates it into a language we can all understand.

Just recently, she blogged, "Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot... I had quite a bit of fun today," (No word on how they authenticate their translation.)


the actual blog (written in Japanese)


Just the other day, I was having a little chat with my rhododendron and it said, "It is appalling to me that so few homo-sapiens are inclined to acknowledge that plants can articulate coherent thought." And I said, "yeah."

slow motion face punches

if you can get by the music, this video is worth the watch. :)

you might want to try these churches this week...

the church where four is six

the church that has an unfair advantage

Thursday, October 23, 2008

she smelled like smelt

We read about the woman who is allergic to water. We heard about the woman who is frightened by buttons. We were weirded out by the woman with a horn.

Now: a true and fishy story.

Recently, a 41-year-old woman in Australia was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Trimethylaminuria. The incurable condition causes the person's body to produce excessive amounts of trimethylamine-- a chemical normally found in fish.

As a result, Trimethylaminuria causes the person's sweat, breath and urine to smell like rotting fish. All the time.

The woman first started looking for help at the age of 17. After a 20-year search and discussion with various doctors, she has finally learned what she has.

"Now having a name for her condition she found an internet-based support foundation and referred herself for genetic counseling." said Professor John Burnett. He also noted that patients with this rare condition experience shame and embarrassment. They also fail to maintain relationships (as you might imagine).

my chum smells like chum.

for other stories of this nature, click on "unusual people" label below

police blotter: boys in blue administer anecdote

It must have been some story.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

looking for a pet?

cell phone orchestra

Software developers in Japan have created cell phones that play like musical instruments.

this is not a joke! additional video:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

warning: we think you are stupid (part two)

Today, we noticed a line of strollers for rent at our local mall. On the push-end of each stroller, there is a small black bag (just big enough to hold a few small items) that hangs near the feet of the person pushing the stroller. Here is a close up...

That reminded me of a couple other stupid warnings I had in my file...

huge pink rabbit seen on Google Earth

High in the Italian Alps, there rests a huge pink rabbit that can be seen from space.

The 200-foot-long knitted rabbit is the creation of Gelitin (a group of four artists). It took nearly 5 years to knit and is supposed to portray a toy rabbit that was cast off by a giant toddler. It was intended to look like it was knitted by the toddler's grandmother.

To get an idea of how big this rabbit is, in the picture, you will notice a dot that looks like the bunny's belly button. That is a person.

To see the picture from space via Google Earth, see this link. For more information about the rabbit itself, follow this link to the Gelitin art site.


Monday, October 20, 2008

aliens attacking? have a mocha coffee

on today's menu...

how much is it without the Dom Perignon?

not Kosher anymore.

they'll love it if they take off the chicken.

I'll have the schnitzel and a cup of special spit, please

Friday, October 17, 2008

man's dentures keep him from biting the dust

Mirna and Stipe Cavlovic of Zagreb, Croatia were involved in an argument with another man over an unpaid debt. The other man became so upset that he pulled his gun and shot the couple at point-blank range.

He was certainly close enough to have killed them both, but...

The bullet just grazed the cheekbone of Mirna and ricocheted toward her husband. The bullet hit Stipe in the false teeth... and dropped to the ground.

Said Stipe, "I thought I was dead for sure. I didn't even see the bullet hit my wife. I just saw the flash of the gun's barrel. The next thing I knew was something hit my false tooth and I spat out the hot lead. It hurt like hell but we're both still alive."

Experts think that Mirna's cheek slowed down the bullet enough to save them.

The shooter ran away and was caught by Zagreb police.

more jobs I wouldn't want

for others see- link

golf bloopers

Thursday, October 16, 2008

it looked like a gas tank

clever business cards, part 2

for map and street guide company...

for a marriage counselor...

and a divorce lawyer...


debt recovery agent (this is a business card sized x-ray... note the broken thumb)

link to part one


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cut it out... that can't be your real name.

Noway Near White
Safety First
T. Fud Pucker Tucker...are real names of real people.

This week, a new name can be added to the list of strange names: Jennifer Thornburg of North Carolina recently had her name legally changed to that of a website: For clarity, her driver's license lists "Cutout" as her first name and "" as her last.

The 19-year-old Ms. decided to change her name to a website operated by PETA. As you might guess, it is a website that is against the use of animals for dissection in classrooms-- an issue she feels (very) strongly about.

Even though she has changed her name, most of her family members still call her Jennifer.
They support her and have not asked her to cut-out the weird name.,_gets_attention_she_craves&in_article_id=355893&in_page_id=2

I'll bet Ms. is glad that PETA didn't call their site:

sales you won't wanna miss

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

remember: today's the day the aliens arrive

Just a reminder...

As I posted back on September 10, today (October 14, 2008) is the for-sure day that Blossom Goodchild predicted aliens from the Federation of Light would arrive and prove once-and-for-all that they do exist.

The bets are in. Bookies in England have taken at least one £1,000 bet on this event and will lose £1,000,000 if the aliens actually show up. (link) (um, and what happens to Goodchild's integrity if they don't??)

Maybe while they are here, they can rescue the economy.

feel good video: weatherman proposes to news anchor on the air

redneck fire detector


Monday, October 13, 2008

find your stolen items here

Let's say you broke into your next door neighbor's home and stole items worth a total of $5000. Let's also say that one of those items was a blanket that had a distinct dog pattern on it (similar to the one pictured).

Now, what would you do make sure your neighbors never found out that you were the thief?

a. hide the items in another location
b. hide the items in my basement
c. hang the distinctive dog-blanket in my window to keep my neighbors from seeing in.

If you answered "c" then you might be Troy Clouatre or Lisa J. Smith of Chalmette, Louisiana.

Recently, Troy, 35, and his aunt Lisa, 47, robbed the home of their next-door neighbors.

When the neighbors returned home and saw that they had been burglarized, it didn't take them long to figure out who did it.... because they easily recognized their blanket hanging in the window next door.

Lisa and Troy were arrested for burglary and possession of $5000 of stolen property.

Said one local police officer, "This is like something out of World's Stupidest Criminals, But we'll take any help we can get in solving a crime."

one lucky driver. one stupid driver.

Friday, October 10, 2008

next time, steal a bike you can ride

He was determined. And stupid.

This week, Janosz Kolbe of Warsaw, Poland decided to steal a bicycle. Unfortunately, the owner of the bike chained and locked the bike to a fence.

Not a problem. Since Janosz was unable to open the lock, he decided to steal the bike and the fence (see picture).

Janosz apparently had not stopped to ponder the fact that a guy walking down the street with a fence attached to a bicycle will attract a lot of attention. Not only that, but such a bicycle presents a problem when trying to run from police.

Janosz was caught by the police and will be behind a different sort of fence for the next five years.

giving new meaning to the concept of fencing stolen goods

wedding vows gone awry

via bits & pieces

time running out on Norton Internet Security

or 13,825.63 years (not accounting for leap years). buy today.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

all I want for Christmas (by Neiman Marcus)

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for that special someone?

How about.....

--a life-size Lego sculpture of your loved one for a paltry $60,000
--the entire end zone from the Dallas Cowboys in your backyard for a basement-blowout price of $500,000
--a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus starting at a mere $1,000,000 (construction and site prep costs not included)

These are just a few of the gifts being offered this year by Neiman Marcus in their Christmas catalog. I have assembled a brief slide-show of a few items that are available. If you want to see more or order, here is the link.

or if that is too expensive- alternate Christmas ideas

if the Neiman Marcus catalog (above) is a little beyond your financial means, perhaps you could give your husband this sit-down lawn mower...

or give that special young couple a catered wedding reception

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more from the police blotter

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