Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the caddy should have stood in front of him

This week, the Supreme Court in South Korea ruled on an odd case that happened two years ago.

Two years ago, a golfer in South Korea was out on the links playing a game when he took a shot that landed his caddy in the hospital.

On the third hole, the man (identified only as Jung) started his swing. Unfortunately, as his swing was in process, his left foot slipped at the last moment.

The foot-slip caused him to lose control and caused his shot to go seriously off course. 180 degrees off course, to be exact.

The shot hit Jung's caddy directly in the stomach (not a ricochet). The caddy was standing about 8 meters behind him. The caddy was immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for seven weeks.

The caddy sued Jung and was awarded 2 million won ($1400).

I am trying to imagine the physics of a "slip" that could turn a person around and leave him standing and oriented so he could launch a power shot into someone's belly.


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