Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cut it out... that can't be your real name.

Noway Near White
Safety First
T. Fud Pucker Tucker...are real names of real people.

This week, a new name can be added to the list of strange names: Jennifer Thornburg of North Carolina recently had her name legally changed to that of a website: For clarity, her driver's license lists "Cutout" as her first name and "" as her last.

The 19-year-old Ms. decided to change her name to a website operated by PETA. As you might guess, it is a website that is against the use of animals for dissection in classrooms-- an issue she feels (very) strongly about.

Even though she has changed her name, most of her family members still call her Jennifer.
They support her and have not asked her to cut-out the weird name.,_gets_attention_she_craves&in_article_id=355893&in_page_id=2

I'll bet Ms. is glad that PETA didn't call their site:

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Gerry Hatrić said...

Would Stops not get ill if the frog was a toad?