Friday, October 17, 2008

man's dentures keep him from biting the dust

Mirna and Stipe Cavlovic of Zagreb, Croatia were involved in an argument with another man over an unpaid debt. The other man became so upset that he pulled his gun and shot the couple at point-blank range.

He was certainly close enough to have killed them both, but...

The bullet just grazed the cheekbone of Mirna and ricocheted toward her husband. The bullet hit Stipe in the false teeth... and dropped to the ground.

Said Stipe, "I thought I was dead for sure. I didn't even see the bullet hit my wife. I just saw the flash of the gun's barrel. The next thing I knew was something hit my false tooth and I spat out the hot lead. It hurt like hell but we're both still alive."

Experts think that Mirna's cheek slowed down the bullet enough to save them.

The shooter ran away and was caught by Zagreb police.

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