Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nothing says love like car theft

--How can you stop your mate from having an affair?
--How can you prove your love?

--How can you demonstrate that you are committed to making the relationship work?

Easy. Steal a car and wrap it in plastic.

When Linda Walters found some steamy letters that her husband had written to a high school sweetheart, she knew their marriage was in trouble.

Linda confronted her husband, Ullricht, with the letters and an argument followed. The flow and logic of the argument are certainly unclear... because the argument somehow ended with Ullricht daring Linda to steal a car in order to prove her love and commitment to their marriage and children. (??)

She did. With Ullricht's help, she stole a white Renault Clio and drove back it to their home.

Once she got the car home, the couple panicked. What should they do with the hot car? (Answer: park it in the back yard.) How could they keep their big dog from scratching the paint? (Answer: wrap it in plastic.)

The plastic-wrap plan didn't work. Ullricht, 42, and Linda, 41, were arrested pleaded guilty to charges of theft.

But love now blooms anew at the home of Ullricht and Linda Walter.


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Anonymous said...

Other questions about this picture:
How exactly is that air conditioner going to keep his place cool... (Where's the cool air blowing?)
And why do you need AC in Russia?