Thursday, October 30, 2008

looking for the car I stole? here it is.

This week, a hairdresser charged with car theft appeared in a San Francisco court. Rather than walking to his court appointment, he chose to drive a new Lexus SUV that he had stolen.

Okay, it is plenty stupid to drive a stolen car to your court appointment. What could be stupider?

Well apparently, the 37-year-old thief didn't want to leave his dogs at home, so he left them locked inside the SUV during his appointment. As you might expect, a new Lexus with several dogs barking inside with the windows rolled-up drew some attention from bystanders and the police. He may as well have posted a sign on the car.

The police checked and found that the SUV was stolen. When he exited court, Genius was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, cruelty to animals... and as a bonus, he was also found to have stolen an additional $150,000 Porsche Carrera.


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