Monday, November 3, 2008

groom with cold feet starts fire

The wedding was all set: a beautiful room at a Japanese resort hotel was reserved and 80 guests were invited. The day arrived. The bride was ready. The groom wasn't.

It seems that the groom, Tatsuhiko Kawata, had a rather sizable problem-- he was already married to someone else. He simply could not go through with the wedding.

So, the almost-bigamist came up with the perfect solution: he would set fire to the hotel. After all, if the hotel is damaged, the wedding would have to be called off.

Kawata launched his plan on the morning of the wedding. He successfully started a blaze. Hotel guest were evacuated and the fire was extinguished. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

He nearly got away with it. Unfortunately, his suspicious behavior and the fact that he canceled the event right after the fire caused the police to become suspicious. Kawata later told the police, "I thought if I set a fire I wouldn't have to go through with the wedding,"

The good news is that Kawata's plan worked: he won't be getting married (and I am guessing that his first marriage is over too). The bad news is, Kawata will be spending his almost-honeymoon on a cot behind bars.

via Reuters

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