Thursday, April 1, 2010

hello, police? I am being detained at police heaquarters. Please send the police.

This week, Carly Houston was arrested by the Naperville, IL police. It seems that Carly had been abusive to her taxi driver refused to pay her taxi fare.

It seemed to be a clear case of "theft of labor or services" and disorderly conduct. So, the police arrested Carly and took her to the plice station where they detained her.

Of course, Carly was entitled to make a phone call to her family, friends or lawyer. However, instead of calling someone to help get her out of jail, Carly called 911 to report that she was "trapped inside the detention facility."

The 911 dispatcher connected Carly's phone call to the appropriate emergency resource: the Naperville police.

So, Carly reported to the Napreville police that she was being held by the Naperville police.

The police didn't need to go far to respond to Carly's phone call... and they weren't terribly sympathetic about her complaint. Now, in addition to the initial charges, Carly will be charged with making a false 911 report. [www_metro_co_uk]

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