Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walmart greeter gets fired for defending himself

Ed Bauman, 69, was working as a greeter at the Walmart in Palm Bay, Florida on the day after Christmas. As he stood at the door, doing his job, a customer exited the store and set off the security alarm.

Bauman followed the man to the door and wrote down his license plate number. Apparently, the customer didn't like the fact that his license had been recorded, so he angrily rushed at Bauman and grabbed his clipboard.

As the man started destroying the papers, Bauman tried to get the clipboard back, whereupon the customer took a swing at him. Bauman took a swing back in self-defense.

Police arrested the customer on a felony charge and said that Bauman was well within his rights for doing what he did.

The managment at Walmart complimented Bauman for the way he defended himself... and then promptly fired him for misconduct.

"They told me I did a good job of defending myself. Then they turned around and fired me. I guess they just wanted me to stand there and get beaten," said Bauman.

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