Friday, December 11, 2009

the perfect gift for that special someone (?) part 1

Are you fresh out of ideas for what to give that special person in your life?
Do you want to give something they will truly appreciate and enjoy?
Then, you might want to stay away from these... (all of these gifts are real. The links work.)

Here are some of the best tacky and tasteless treasures--

1. Nothing.

Yes, a plastic ball filled with nothing.
approx $8 (shipped from England) [www_iwantoneofthose_com]

2. A LifeGem created diamond

A beautiful gem? yes, but made out of the carbon of your dead loved one or pet.
Cheapest available $3,499, order multiple, get a better price. [www_lifegem_com]

3. The UroClub

for golfers who don't want to have to run back to the clubhouse... a urinal that looks like a golf club (complete with privacy towel). $24.95 while supplies last

4. Stereo Dock for iPod with Bath Tissue Holder

for the person who likes to listen to music while they read
just $29.00 [www_atechflash_com]

5. Cell-Mate

Headgear designed to make your current cell phone or wireless phone hands-free. Fits all phones and head sizes. Specially designed for for people who are too cheap to buy a Bluetooth and don't mind looking like a cyborg.
price unknown... but you can get the price if you call their operators who are standing by... [www_cell-mateus_com]

6. Fetus Cookie Cutter

a special gift for that mom-to-be who has "one in the oven" [www_stupid_com]

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