Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'd like a cup of coffee, please... and could I have a spoon to go with this knife in my chest?

This week, a 52-year-old man walked into Brayz's Hamburgers in Hazel Park, Michigan and calmly ordered a cup of coffee. The man said that he had called 911 and was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Good thing-- because the man had a 5 inch knife sticking out of the left side of his chest. The entire blade of the knife was buried in him. Only the handle was protruding.

He explained that a tall man with a goatee had approached him and demanded money. When he refused, the attacker stuck a knife in him. The man went to an apartment complex but could find no help. So, he called 911 at a pay phone and then walked a mile to the restaurant.

The 911 call is on record. The operator heard him say, “Yes ma’am, could uh … is it possible to send an ambulance here? There’s a knife stuck in my chest.”

The manager said that people in the restaurant were "kind of freaked out" but the man never complained of pain and struck up a conversation with another customer.

The manager said, “To come in with something stuck in your chest and order a cup of coffee, and sit down … he was mingling with the guy next to him,”

The man was taken to the hospital and treated. Police are looking for the attacker.

http://snipr.com/twdvt [www_msnbc_msn_com]

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