Thursday, December 3, 2009

man tunnels through a mountain... so he can park his truck in his yard.

Men love their trucks. Some more than others.

Ramchandra Das, 53, of Bihar India owns a farm that is located several miles from his home. In-between his farm and his house is a mountain that has no road.

The truck is necessary for the farm-work, so, Ramchandra had to leave his truck parked on one side of the mountain and walk home without it.

Ramchandra was always afraid that his truck would be stolen. Unfortunately, the only way he could park his truck outside his home was to build a road over the mountain.

Or through it.

This week, Ramchandra completed a 14-year-long task: he single-handedly dug a 14-foot wide tunnel through the mountain using nothing but a hammer and chisel. Now, at last, Ramchandra and his truck can end the day in the same location.

In a notable understatement, one government official said, 'We rarely come across a man who can work so hard to achieve his goal.' Ramchandra originally asked for governmental assistance, but was rejected. [www_metro_co_uk] [www_dawn_com]

In the US, Ramchandra would have received all sorts of government assistance. They would have helped by:
--requiring multiple long-term environmental impact studies
--hosting a series of hearings for environmentalists, geologists, oceanographers, property abutters and people who suffer from any number of tunnel-related emotional disorders
--providing him with an endless list of required documentation, drawings, surveys, diagrams, blueprints and permits
--drowning him with an ocean of OSHA safety requirements.
--and then rejecting the proposal because
you can't do that here.

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