Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ashes to ashes, dust to art

Most of us dislike it. When we see it, we vacuum it and throw it away. Paul Hazelton makes sculptures from it.

When Paul sees dust, he doesn't think of it as disgusting little particles of dried-up skin and other sundry house filth-- he sees it as it as the raw material for his art. Paul gathers dust from various places (never uses a vacuum, however) and carefully forms it into sculptures.

To create his sculpture, some of which are 20 inches tall, he uses a very delicate process of gathering, shaping, wetting, and drying the dust. Says Paul, "humans were supposedly made from dust, so it is interesting to create other things with it."

Here are a few examples of Paul's dust-art:

http://snipr.com/tp060 [www_metro_co_uk]
http://snipr.com/tp06j [gizmodo_com]

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