Thursday, February 26, 2009

car locks normally keep thieves out, not in

In a brilliant exhibition of incompetence, a would-be car thief caught himself in the act.

Earlier this week, Adelaide (Australia) police were called to a house where two men were heard trying to steal a car.

When the police arrived, they found one of the men inside the car. He had not run away because he had somehow managed to lock himself in the car. Even scarier, the 53-year-old man couldn't seem to figure out how to unlock the door to get out.

Fortunately for him, the police had no problem figuring out how to let the him out of the car and put him in their's.

In a nearly-equal act of ineptitude, the second thief was caught hiding in nearby bushes.

His lawyers should argue that a 53-year-old man who can't figure out a car lock has proven that he is mentally incapable of actually stealing the car.

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