Friday, May 7, 2010

art appreciation 101: "Since I Fell For You" by Susan Collis

You see a plain off-white room with a broom leaning against the wall. There is a bucket, a few pieces of scattered wood. Some nails, an empty laundry bag and some sawdust strewn on the floor.

If you entered the room in the picture above, you probably would assume that someone was getting things cleaned up, preparing for an art exhibit or something.

But, you would be wrong.

The above room IS the art exhibit. The exhibit is the work of Susan Collis and is on display in Birmingham's (UK) Ikon Gallery.

Hannah Taylor, 24, visited the exhibit and said, "I walked in and thought I was in the wrong room."

Another visitor said, "...I feel cheated. I just cannot believe money is spent on this kind of thing.

Susan Collis calls her handiwork "Since I Fell For You." She says, "Often a work that looks very careless, as if it hasn't taken any time to make, like a random mark, ends up being something that takes a long time to produce."

She got that right-- it does look "careless, as if it hadn't taken any time." (I am trying to imagine all the mental energy and consideration she devoted to this work.) Perhaps she should have called it "So Glad You Fell For This."

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