Tuesday, May 18, 2010

man faces jail time for catching robbers on his own property (sort of)

Last week, a man in Wilson, NY trapped two teenagers who were stealing things from his garage.

The man had been robbed before, so, he purchased video cameras to protect his property. One morning, while watching the closed circuit TV, the 42-year-old man saw the teenagers enter his garage. Immediately, he grabbed a pistol and a bat and went with his brother to stop the burglary.

The two men cornered the teenagers and called the police while they held the teens at bay. The police arrived and arrested the boys for third-degree burglary and criminal mischief.

However, the police undoubtedly are more interested in what the boys were trying to steal-- they were trying to steal a couple of the 51 marijuana plants that the men had growing in the garage. The two geniuses had not considered the ramifications of the police entering a garage full of illegal weed.

In addition to facing charges for marijuana possession and trafficking, the Einstein brothers will probably face assault charges for striking one of the boys with the bat.

I guess they taught those teens a lesson. Nice going.

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