Monday, August 16, 2010

inmate eats someone's eyeglasses because he can't see the chaplain.

A Burleigh County Detention Center inmate ended up making a spectacle of himself when he didn’t get to speak to a chaplain.

William Demery, 42, could face a charge of criminal mischief for allegedly snatching another Burleigh County inmate’s glasses and eating them less than five hours after being booked into the detention center.

Burleigh County Sheriff’s Major Les Witkowski said Demery was upset on Aug. 1 because a chaplain had not been to the detention center to speak to him when he thought the chaplain would be there. Demery is accused of grabbing another inmate’s glasses and eating both lenses and a piece of the metal frame.

Demery was taken to the Medcenter One emergency room, where a doctor determined he would be OK to return to jail, Witkowski said.   [www_bismarcktribune_com]

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After further testing it was determined that he was no longer near-sighted.