Wednesday, August 11, 2010

man blames dyslexia for traveling 103mph

Matthew Cook was spotted weaving in and out of traffic as he sped along the A27 between Falmer and Hollingbury in East Sussex.

A concerned driver dialed 999 and officers clocked the 40-year-old doing 103mph in a 60mph limit...

Prosecutor John Marsden Lynch said: “He told the police officer that he did not understand the speed dial because he was suffering from dyslexia.”

Cook admitted a single charge of dangerous driving. Recorder Christopher Morris-Coole said he was “skeptical” about Cook’s explanation and banned him from driving for three years.

excerpted from [www_telegraph_co_uk]

Cook's dyslexia apparently makes fast seem slow.  Cook hopes to give this new information at the convention for dyslexia which will be held September 21-18.

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Perhaps the gentleman really thought he was going 301MPH (if he were dyslexic) and was scared witless.