Friday, June 8, 2012

mom inadvertently takes robber's get-away car

Blanca (last name withheld) was cashing her check at Chase Bank in Uvalde, Texas, when she saw men enter the bank with guns.

Realizing that her life was in danger, Blanca went out the door, She ducked down low and ran away. Fortunately, she came to a car that was open... and jumped in for refuge. Then, she realized that the car was running. When she saw that the robbers weren't behind her, she sped away.

She drove down the road to escape and finally stopped at a store and begged for help.

Blanca was safe... but without realizing it, she had stolen the robbers get-away car.

Blaca is fine. She was initially arrested for car theft but when the police investigated her story, they cleared the young mother of all charges.

The robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash... but had to steal another car for their get-away. [www_khou_com]
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