Wednesday, June 13, 2012

world record burp

His parents must be so proud.  He is simply the best at what he does... and he proved it at a tournament event in New York this week.

Tim Janus is the world record holder for the longest burp.  18.1 glorious seconds.

Janus drank lots of fizzy stuff... and then stepped to the microphone. 'I was just trying to condense all the air in my stomach and bring it to the surface,' said winning competitor Janus.

'You just have to force every last bit of air up. It's beautiful, really.'

The event is organized by the World Burping Federation (yes, really) which hopes to help make loud burping-in-public acceptable and appreciated.   [www_metro_co_uk]

If you want to see (and hear) the video of this epic record... the entire burp... here is the video.  (Warning: after listening to this, I suspect that it will not accomplish what the WBF is hoping for.)

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