Thursday, August 30, 2007

Helpful thieves leave ID behind

It seems that every day, somewhere in the world, there's a wonderfully incompetent burglar making the police's job a little bit easier by leaving some form of identification behind at the scene of the crime.
First up, in the town of Uitenhage, near the southern coast of South Africa, 39-year-old Willem Jasta had only been released following an 8-year jail sentence two weeks previously when he allegedly broke into a baby clothing shop.

According to police, after smashing the front window and grabbing several items of clothing, Jasta had just enough time for his masterstroke – leaving behind a bag containing his parole papers. He was arrested in a tavern, where he was found to have several items of baby cloths about his person.

Meanwhile, in Swansea, 21-year-old Larry Black was jailed on Monday after he broke into a house, only to leave behind a card with details of his next appointment with his probation officer.
During his raid on the house in May, Black made away with cash, a DVD player, jewelry and – most intriguingly – five samurai swords. He was subsequently arrested during the course of another crime, as he was apprehended behind the wheel of a stolen transit van, in which he was carrying a stolen moped.