Thursday, August 30, 2007

Woman calls cops over fake drugs

Hats off to Juanita Marie Jones from the US state of Georgia, who came up with the wonderful idea of calling the police to complain that she'd been sold bad crack cocaine.
Shortly after she put in the call, in the hope that that the police would help her to 'get her money back', 53-year-old Jones was arrested, bringing a promising criminal career to a temporary end.
Jones called the Police in Rochelle, Georgia on Thursday, after being disappointed in the $20 rock of crack she'd just bought. She told the police that she'd split the rock into three pieces, but upon smoking the first one discovered that the crack was 'fake'.

The police, ever vigilant for this sort of stuff, quickly sent round two officers, who Jones helpfully invited into her kitchen to look at the fake drugs.

They arrested her on charges of possession of cocaine. Not, oddly, on charges of possession of fake cocaine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007