Monday, June 15, 2009

greatness remembered: "but mom, I need my allowance!"

A local newspaper in the Sicilian city of Caltagirone reported the story of a woman who dragged her son to the police station because he stayed out too late.

The unnamed woman became sick-and-tired of her son's childish, irresponsible ways. She is quoted as saying, "My son does not respect me, he doesn't tell me where he's going in the evenings and returns home late. He is never happy with the food I make and always complains. This can't go on."

To discipline her wayward son, mom cut-off his allowance, took away his house keys... and took him for a little visit to the police.

This news story is hardly memorable except for one thing-- the son who lives at home and still collects an allowance from mommy is 61-years-old.
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