Friday, June 26, 2009

hello 911? a police car is blocking my driveway.

If you are in a hurry to get to work, it probably isn't a good idea to vandalize a police car and then wait around.

On Monday morning, Daphne Diaz, 23, of Syracuse, NY was leaving for work when she found that a police car was blocking her driveway. The police cruiser was there because the officers were responding to another call from her building.

Annoyed, Diaz immediately called 911 to report her blocked driveway as an "emergency." Moments later, she approached the officers and demanded that they move their cruiser. A few more minutes later, Diaz again approached the officers and demanded that they {insert profanities} move their {insert more profanities} car.

When the officers were able to get to their car, they saw that Diaz was waiting in her car. It was then that a group of residents pointed out that Diaz had "keyed" the police car, leaving several deep gouges in the back quarter panel.

The police then spent a little extra time with Daphne.

When they finally moved their cruiser, Daphne couldn't leave for work right away... because the police took her keys and cell phone as evidence. They also charged her with criminal mischief. [www_syracuse_com]
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note: the photo is of a keyed car, but not the police car in the story

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