Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wanted: wife who will love me and launder my money

Lonely Thomas Wolf placed an ad in the "Marriage Wanted" section of a local newspaper in Germany.

In the ad, the 56-year-old Wolf said that he was "cultivated but seldom boring" and "financially independent." Fortunately, a woman responded to Wolf's ad and they met in Hamburg for a date.

However, the woman became suspicious that Wolf wasn't really "financially independent" when, during the date, he asked her to launder a large amount of money for him.

The woman contacted police who arrested Wolf. It seems that Thomas is wanted for a kidnapping where he collected £2,000,000.

(Poor Thomas is a lonely soul. First, he kidnapped someone for companionship and now, he just wants someone to help him with his banking.) [www_metro_co_uk]
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