Thursday, May 24, 2012

at least the deer and the antelope don't play here...

O give me a home where the buffalo roam....  for most people, those are simply the first words in the old folk song, "Home on the Range." For RC and Sherron Bridges, however, they are a daily reality.  

RC (aka the Buffalo Whisperer) share a home in Quinlan, Texas with two buffalo, Wildthing (2,400 pounds) and Bullet (900 poounds).  The two beasts relax in the living room, walk around the house with freedom and even ride in the family car (well, on the back of the pickup). Incidentally, the animals aren't house trained. 

“They’re like my buddies. Bullet likes to be with me at all times, she’ll even give up food to be close to me.” says, RC, a former cowboy.  

Indeed they are all "buddies."  When RC and and Sherron renewed their wedding vows, Wildthing acted as the best man, carrying the rings and other things on his rather sizable horns.  For family entertainment, the buffalo have been used to pull RC's son on water-skis in the sand and pulled his daughter on a snow sled. 
 Unsafe you say?  Only if you consider that Wildfire weighs 2400lbs with 2 foot horns and can run 40mph.  Bullet is a smaller female buffalo... who was unable to be controlled by the owner of a buffalo herd.  

The Bridges love their pets and the buffalo seem to love them.  They respect the potential dangers and give them good care... but the arrangement is a bit rough on the furniture. [www_thesun_co_uk]   [www_buffalowhisper_zoomshare_com]

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