Thursday, May 10, 2012

neighbors solve the problem of a bad driver

Do you have a dangerous/annoying driver in your neighborhood?  The neighbors of Zbigniew Filo got fed up with his driving and came up with a unique solution:  They hoisted his customized car... and put it on top of a tree.

"...Filo, 24, awoke to find his car missing, later locating it on top of a huge willow tree in Lubczyna, Poland. Locals have maintained a code of silence over who was responsible for the prank or how indeed the white Ford Escort ended up 20ft in the air, though one villager revealed that a crane had been borrowed for the night.

Police spokesman Marta Pierko said: 'We received a call from a man saying his car was stuck in a tree, and that his neighbours had put it there. 'After inspecting the site we instructed him to remove it from the tree.'

A local, who wished to remain nameless, was unsympathetic to Filo's vehicular plight, saying: 'Whoever, or whatever, it was, it’s probably a good thing as he was a dangerous driver and could have killed someone. 'Perhaps he’ll think twice about his hair-raising driving and about getting a licence or who knows where his next car might end up?'

Filo, who doesn’t even have a licence, has promised to be more considerate in his driving in future. 'I get the message,' he said. 'But I think it was a bit harsh.'"

(from   [www_metro_co_uk]

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