Wednesday, May 16, 2012

best friends are bad for you.

Once again, we can be thankful for people who are looking out for our children's psychological well-being and overall warm-fuzziness.

In England, some primary schools are adopting a "no best friends" policy.  That is, they discourage the children from having best friends.

"Why???"  you ask.

One might suspect that the reasoning behind this policy would be to avoid cliques on the playground.  Not so.  The reason that children should not have a best friend is because having a best friend presents the possibility of having a "falling out" with the best friend which will hurt feelings and, in turn, damage the child's psyche.

Since it is important to spare a child any negative experiences, lose close friendships. That sounds like sound advice for psychological well-being.  (??!?)   [www_dailymail_co_uk]

For more examples of governmental over-protection, click the label below.

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