Thursday, December 27, 2007

stick um up? man robs store with stapler

Gerald Rocchi, 32, came up with a completely unique idea for a heist: he used a stapler to rob an ice cream store.

Wearing a ski mask and armed with a chrome desk-type stapler, Gerald entered The Ice Cream Shop in Ashland, KY and demanded their money. The clerks, apparently afraid of a guy in a ski mask brandishing a stapler, gave over $175 in cash.

Fortunately, eyewitnesses were able to direct police to where the thief had run. When they arrived at Rocchi's house, they found the money, a stapler, and a ski mask.

Investigators said that it is not clear whether Gerald planned to shoot staples at the clerks or if he was planning to use it as a blunt-force weapon. I am guessing Gerald hadn't thought that far ahead.

I am not sure which tells us more about Ashland, KY... the fact that they have a stapler-bandit in their population or that their ice cream shop is named "The Ice Cream Shop."


Jessica said...

I love reading your blog! You always get a good laugh outta me! : )

Carol said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found this amusing. :)

FriendinME said...

thanks, Jessica. :) glad you like it.

Carol, things like this always strike me as amusing... good to know that there are others with similar minds. :)