Monday, December 17, 2007

stolen: an 80-year-old's leg

Yanadi Kondaiah is a Hindu priest who claims that his leg has special magical powers. He uses his leg to call on magical powers that allow him to see the future and cure diseases.

A local policeman is quoted as saying, "He claims his right leg possessed a rare mystic power which makes his predictions come true. The locals believe in his powers to cure spiritual and physical ailments."

Unfortunately, some young men believed in the powers of Kondaiah's leg so strongly that they decided to steal it.

One day last week, the young men gave the 80-year-old Kondaiah a drug that caused him to pass out. They then used a sickle and a saw to remove the leg and carried it off. It appears that the thieves intend to use the leg for their own gain. They have not been caught.

Fortunately, Kondaiah was found and is now recovering in a local hospital.

a very strange story. It is unfortunate that his leg didn't see it coming.
memo: the leg in the photo is not magical and is still attached to its owner ;)

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Struggling Parents said...

Crazy news, the foot didn't see it