Monday, December 10, 2007

update: Santa fired for offensive language

A story I posted last month has happened-- a Santa claims that he was fired from his job for offensive language.

Last week John Oakes, 70, was fired from his job as Santa at Myer department store in Cairnes, Northern Australia.

In a report in the Daily Mail, Mr. Oakes explained the reason for his firing: "The manager told me my services were no longer required... When I asked why, she replied, "You said ho-ho-ho and that's not appropriate.""

He was also guilty of singing Jingle Bells which is also against the store policy.

Why is ho ho ho "inappropriate" for Santa? Apparently the PC police believe that women might be offended by it because "ho" is slang for "a woman of the evening." They suggest that Santa should say "ha ha ha."

No explanation was given as to why singing Jingle Bells is a problem with the store.

The management company that hired Mr. Oakes (and gave instructions to their Santas not to say ho ho ho) insists that he was not fired for ho-ho-hoeing, but for his "attitude."

this causes us to question the meaning of Rudolph's red-light nose.

memo to all garden stores: the tool formerly known as a hoe must now be called a hae.

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