Tuesday, November 20, 2007

no no no to ho ho ho?

Last month, Santa trainees attending a seminar in Australia were told that they needed to refrain from using the traditional "ho ho ho" and replace it with "ha ha ha."

The reason? The Santas-in-training were told that a "ho" is a derogatory term for women and might be offensive to some people.

The trainer made his mandate clear "no to ho."

The idea of "no ho" didn't go over very well in Australia. Westaff, the leading supplier of Santas in Australia has said that their Santa's will be allowed to say whatever they want (ha, ho, or nothing at all).

However, Westaff is still encouraging its Santas to go light on the "ho ho hos" because it can scare some children who aren't used to hearing it.


next: we will need to ask Rudolph to remove that red-light nose.

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