Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hurry! if you have 88 rattlers, you too can be famous

Jackie Bibby of Dublin, Texas, (pictured right) is a famous man. Never heard of him? Maybe you don't run in the right circles.

Jackie is the World Record holder for all sorts of snake stuff... and he made the news again this week.

Before this week, Jackie held the record for sitting in a bathtub for 45 minutes a scant 81 rattlesnakes. This week, however, he smashed his own record by sitting in a see-through tub with 87 of them.

The rattlers were not de-fanged. They were not milked for their venom beforehand. They were also not restricted from slithering wherever they wanted on Jackie's body.

He simply sat in the tub with a pillow and his regular clothes and sat very still.

For those who are now considering replicating this feat, Jackie notes that the single most important thing is to not make any sudden movements.

His records do not end there. Jackie also holds the record for holding the most rattlesnakes in his mouth by the tail. This week he hopes to break his current record of 10 by squeezing in one more. His family must be proud.

questions: who the heck establishes the criteria for these records? (I mean, I could hold the world record for eating the most boiled eggs while sitting in a sink....) and why would anyone want to do this??

no sudden movements??? right. you put me in a tubful of snakes, and I'm afraid you would get a movement.