Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a true bum rap

When a man gets a tattoo on his derrière, he doesn't expect many people to see it. He certainly doesn't expect to go to prison because of it.

Last week, Kevin Williams, 29, was beaten and stabbed at a shop near London. It seemed hopeless that the perpetrator would ever be found:
--The victim couldn't make an identification.
--There were no eyewitnesses.
--There were no fingerprints or DNA evidence at the scene.
--The perpetrators were wearing hooded sweatshirts.
--The closed circuit cameras did not get a shot of their faces.

But there is always a butt.

When the video was examined more closely, it showed that one of the hooded men was heavy-set and wearing low riding jeans. As he bent over to hit the victim, he showed a crescent moon. Visible on his buttocks was an unusual tattoo.

With photo enlargement and investigation, police identified the tattoo owner and arrested Aaron Williams (not related to the victim). He has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.


(photo: since no picture was available -- or wanted -- the above picture is of a place called "butt crack rock.")

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